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Easy Little Methods for Treating Baby Acne at Home

treating baby acne at home

Are you wondering why your little one’s face looks like a pepperoni-faced teenager’s face? Well I’m sad to say that acne isn’t just for puberty. You may have noticed an increase in acne and breakouts when you were pregnant, that’s pretty much been passed onto your new baby now. So now you’ve got a tiny, fresh newborn (or even a few month old baby) covered in acne, why? And how can you help treat that baby acne at home?

Parenting Tips

Practical Disposable Diaper Review from Mom of 3 and Ex-Daycare Worker

disposable diaper review

Are you swarmed with diaper brands and not sure which way to turn? Wish you had someone who’s used tons and can give you advice about which are the best disposable diapers out there? Well guess what I’ve done for years! Not only have I gone through tons of diapers with my 3 boys, I worked in the infant room at a local daycare for 3 years! I’ve used loads of different diapers and decided to bring this experience to parents online with a massive and direct disposable diaper review!