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Here we’ll discuss why I consider lullabies as being in these categories and what that means for them. I also want to help you find some other songs as inspiration for those middle-of-the-night wake ups with Baby. So let’s get started.

When it comes to a baby shower, what kind of cake should you have? Cupcakes or a sheet cake? Store bought or homemade? Nice design or one that fits the theme? There’s so many options and so many ways to go that it can be a little overwhelming. That’s ok. Let’s start breaking down the options for a baby shower cake to see what needs you have for your cake and which route you should go with.

The arrival of a new baby can be such an exciting time. New teeny toes, soft skin, and squishy cheeks. But it’s no secret that they come with a lot of questions too many of which come up as soon as baby comes home. Many can be case specific, like “When is Grandma going to visit” for instance. Others are common from one family to another. Here are some tips to help with the shared questions and make the transition as easy as possible.

There’s a lot of ways to go about this and still get some great looking photos. I’ve been doing my own photo shoots at home with my kids for years (my first at-home photo shoot was when my first born was only a month old!) I’ve been through it all, from newborn to 4 years old, from kids to pets to costumes to props.

So here’s tips from me, a mom of 3 littles, who has done multiple photoshoots with my babies, toddlers, and little kids in my home and developed a few hacks along the way to make it easier to accomplish.

Are you wondering why your little one’s face looks like a pepperoni-faced teenager’s face? Well I’m sad to say that acne isn’t just for puberty. You may have noticed an increase in acne and breakouts when you were pregnant, that’s pretty much been passed onto your new baby now. So now you’ve got a tiny, fresh newborn (or even a few month old baby) covered in acne, why?

Are you swarmed with diaper brands and not sure which way to turn? Wish you had someone who’s used tons and can give you advice about which are the best disposable diapers out there? Well guess what I’ve done for years! Not only have I gone through tons of diapers with my 3 boys, I worked in the infant room at a local daycare for 3 years! I’ve used loads of different diapers and decided to bring this experience to parents online with a massive and direct disposable diaper review!

Bringing a new baby into the world can be a very stressful and expensive time. But knowing what you should or shouldn’t buy can make this time a lot easier. This post will be discussing what are the most helpful and necessary (as separate concepts) items to buy for a new baby.

Pregnancy is such an amazing time but there’s always that looming sense of impending pressure. Pressure from the baby’s head pushing against your cervix? Well, yes, but that’s not what I mean. I mean pressure from the thought of impending labor and delivery.

A good way to calm these nerves is to be prepared. You can pack your hospital bag ahead of time, take birthing classes, read or do research, and write up a birth plan.

It’s okay to still be scared about birth despite taking measures to prepare yourself. It’s a big moment and there’s a lot of emotions that go into it. Let’s discuss this.

It’s time I finally sit down and start demystifying the art of what daycare workers do all day. There’s a lot to working in a daycare and, therefore, a lot of daycare confessions come along with it. There’s a lot more to our jobs than meets the eye. Do we love it? Of course. Are we just there for the paycheck? Surprise, surprise, we’re not.


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My name is Rose. I’m a mom of 3 crazy and wonderful little boys and a former infant room daycare worker. I’m learned a lot about being a new mom from my own journey and all of the parents I’ve met over the years. I’ll love to share my wisdom with new parents as much as I can and that is the goal of this blog. I hope you can find some great golden nuggets here whether it’s your first baby or your third!