I’m so tired of seeing boring wipes containers. The prints some companies have been coming out with are something but they’re still rather basic and not at all personal. I got a chip on my shoulder the other day about this and decided to do something about it.

The good news is: I got what I wanted.

The bad news is: well, you’ll see…

First, I gathered my supplies.


Note: There’s no specific reason to use this specific glue. It worked for me, but I didn’t try other so they may very well work too.

An upside-down picture of the super glue I used because reasons


It was a pretty straightforward process. I glued it down on the first side, then the second, third, and fourth, folding the final edge so that it laid down to cover the first edge. Then on the bottom I folded the fabric at the corners to make small flaps on the bottom and glued those flaps down.

But like I said earlier, there was bad news.

Either use different glue or be more careful than me.

See that shine? Yeah, I was sticking to everything trying to wash it off.

Fun fact: soap and water doesn’t wash away super glue…

But rubbing alcohol does!

It was my friend for a while.

Dried out my skin like crazy though. So if my experience isn’t a lesson for you, then use some lotion after the rubbing alcohol.

But my wipes container is super cute now!

Follow along for more of my… brilliance. Yeah, let’s go with that!