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Faded Fall: Classic Fall Fun in a Changed World

Classic fall fun during covid

To say life is different right now is quite an understatement. Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about the “New Normal” because this won’t last. But for the foreseeable future, we have to deal with the way the world is and figure out how to get as much out of life as possible.

How is that going to affect the fall season? Probably in more ways than one but at least some things we’re still able to social distance while doing. And other things, well we just need to be creative. How can we get the most out of this season while still being safe? Let’s check out some ways.

Always remember to be safe by social distancing, wearing a mask or other face covering, sanitizing or washing your hands often, and keeping an eye on the news for community levels of COVID-19 when preparing to go out.

Toddler playing outside in the fall
Toddler playing outside in the fall

1. Corn Maze

The purpose of the corn maze is to be away from others, how much more perfect could it be? But if you do encounter someone lost in the maze, make sure to safely social distance and maybe wear a mask just in case (at least bring it with).

2. Decorate or Carve Pumpkins at Home

There’s no safer place! Try throwing some of your favorite seasonings on the pumpkin seeds and popping them in the oven for added fall fun!

3. Watch a Scary Movie at Home

Or whatever is age appropriate for your children. It could be a marathon of seasonally appropriate episodes of kids shows with some yummy snacks. Or you could go all out with the lights off and a spooky movie.

Want to check out some regular fall fun activities that are perfect for kids? Check out the link below!

kid friendly fall activities
kid friendly fall activities

4. Scavenger Hunt

Set up a fun or spooky scavenger hunt around your home or yard. Give the kids a list of things to find that includes objects, ideas, creative interpretations, and quantities to keep it educational.

5. Drive Through Haunted House

Find a drive through haunted house in your area. Since normal haunted houses tend to involve close quarters, groups, and sometimes being touched by the performers, find a safer alternative instead. If you don’t know where one is, take to social media, maybe your friends or family have heard of where some are.

6. Apple Picking and Pumpkin Patches

As long as you social distance, wear your mask, sanitize frequently, and wash any fruits and veggies that you bring home with soap and water, these should be pretty safe activities for the season. Just be safe!

7. Passing Out Candy from a Distance

If you want to pass out candy, you can always leave out a bowl of candy. If you want to be a part of it, you can still leave a bowl of candy (maybe on a small table or something) and the end of the driveway while you sit in some lawn chairs at least 6 feet up the drive. You still get to see the trick-or-treaters and can socialize with the neighbors from a safe distance.

Or if you really want to Wow the neighbors and amaze the kids, you could use all of those toilet paper tubes to build a candy delivery shoot to distribute candy from a safe distance.

8. Go All Out with the Decorating

This year, more than any other year, is the year to really get into the decorating. Window things, lights, streamers, characters, maybe even some fun pajamas for the kids. Get really festive with it to make it feel as fun as it can.

trick or treat pumpkin on a bedspread
trick or treat pumpkin on a bedspread

9. Prepare Día de los Muertos Recipe to Deliver to Elderly Family Members

For the safety of the older and at risk family members this season, you could prepare favorite dishes or a whole meal to portion out and delivery in helpful sectioned containers to family in nursing homes or other care facilities.

10. Celebrate Día de los Muertos at Home with Close Family Members

Play music that your deceased loved ones enjoyed with an alter and decorated masks from the safety of your home. You could also join a virtual get-together celebration so that everyone can safely social distance. You can try and visit graves if you’re careful to social distance.

11. Virtual Thanksgiving Dinner

Host a virtual Thanksgiving Dinner. It will put much less pressure and stress on a host family who would otherwise need to prepare their house and kitchen for multiple visitors. Everyone can even have their favorite sides and pies that way with more leftovers for each family.

What’s a vital part of Thanksgiving Dinner with a little eater? An easy to clean high chair! Check out my link below for my tried-and-true tips for finding the best high chair for you.

Tips for buying a high chair

12. Online Black Friday

Shop online this Black Friday if you want to shop at all. I mean, who wants to fight through the crowds and long lines anyway (Me…)

13. Jump In a Leaf Pile

Preferably one you’ve made yourself and not your neighbors pile…

14. Fall Cook Off

An apple pie, a pumpkin pie, rice krispies with fall sprinkles, there’s lots of options for holiday treats. It doesn’t have to be sweets, you could make some homemade soup, stew, or chili. Remember earlier in the pandemic when everyone was making sourdough bread, bring it back but with cornbread instead!

earrings and a decorative apple
earrings and a decorative apple

15. Take a Hike

No, don’t get out of here. But get out of your homes and get some fresh air. Go find a nearby hiking trail and have a blast. Get some fresh air but be sure to social distance if you come across anyone of the path as well.

16. Have a Picnic

Bonus points if you can do it in your backyard! Bring some games along, make a day of it.

Need an idea for something easy to bring for you little eater? Check out my recipe for Super Easy Baby Food Bites with Peanut Butter (or nut or seed butter of your choice) and Cereal at the link below!

baby food bites with peanut butter and cereal

17. Drive Around to See the Changing Leaves

Take a drive around your area to see the fall colors and get some fresh air! Also great for little kids who need some practice learning their colors.

18. Write Down What You’re Thankful For

This Thanksgiving, no matter what your dinner and celebration will look like, take a moment to write down what you’re thankful for. You could think it over but it might be nicer to write it down so you can look it over again later one, during the pandemic and even after it has ended to remind yourself of how far you’ve come during all of this.

fall outfit and writing in a notebook
fall outfit and writing in a notebook

19. Do Some “Feel Good” Online Shopping

Buy yourself a new pair of boots or a cozy new sweater, something to make you feel good when everything is messed up.

20. Make Caramel Apples

Sure you could buy them but what’s the fun in that. Get the kids together no matter their age (drag those teenagers out of their rooms for some family time) to make caramel apples together.

21. Surprise Your Neighbors

Sneak over a little baggie of treats just be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before making them.

22. Preserve Some Leaves

In the future, you can look back through them and remember that there’s always beauty, even during a storm!

plaid shirt and a red leaf
plaid shirt and a red leaf

23. Make a Bird Feeder

Build one or just roll a peanut butter covered pine cone in bird seed and hang it up.

24. Build a Fort

You can grab some flashlights and tell spooky stories inside. For kids that don’t like scary stuff, you can hang twinkle lights inside for added ambiance and watch a movie on a laptop or tablet.

25. Try Leaf Rubbing

Lay down a leaf on a flat surface, place a sheet of paper over it, then scribble over it with a crayon. You can also hang them up as fall decorations for the kids too enjoy.

Whatever you decide to do this season, have fun and be safe!


Faded Fall: Classic Fall Fun in a Changed World

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