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Fall Inspiration: Wonderful kid-friendly ways to enjoy the season

kid friendly fall activities

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean the fun has to end! Fall has loads of great activities for the whole fam!

1. Go apple picking

Get out and get some fresh air! Not only can apple picking be loads of fun, you get to walk away with lots of apples to bake delicious seasonal treats with, or just eat as they are.

2. Visit a pumpkin patch

Get lost in a sea of orange, find the perfect pumpkin, get carving inspiration from the shape of the pumpkin (I’m not the only one that does this, right?) 

3. Traverse a corn maze

There’s no better way to get into the fall spirit than to surround yourself with corn!

4. Go for a hayride

A nice, relaxing hay ride is sure to put you in the fall mood! Some alone time with your loved ones is always good too.

5. Go for a hike

Not only is it an excuse to go check out the changing leaves, it’s also fun exercise and a great dose of fresh air! Hiking ticks all of the boxes! Just be sure to be careful of ticks…

6. Visit an haunted house

Get yourself nice and scared at a local haunted house. Halloween is right around the corner after all.

Halloween table decor
Halloween table decor

7. Watch scary movies

It doesn’t have to be scary, whatever you and/or the kids want to watch. There’s plenty of funny and adventurous Halloween movies out there. Go find a new favorite!

8. Tell age appropriate ghost stories

Make an evening out of it, set up a blanket fort with spooky lights in it. Bring snacks and drinks (with lids so no one spills). 

9. Bake and eat apple cider donuts

These are my favorite part of fall. I’ve never gotten around to making them though, I always buy premade. At least that way I know I can’t mess up the recipe though! If there’s apple orchards near you, then there’s a decent chance they make some amazingly fresh, homemade apple cider donuts and other treats. You’re also shopping local!

10. Toast pumpkin seeds

After carving pumpkins save those seeds. Clean them up, dry them on a paper towel, then season and cook to your liking. Try your favorite seasonings, try some new ones. Explore the taste potential. Bonus: pumpkin seeds are high in iron.

11. Drink apple cider

Forget pumpkin spice, apple cider is all you really need in life. Apple cider and oxygen, I guess. But what is life without a cup of warm apple cider anyway?

Warm Fall Drinks
Warm Fall Drinks

12. Make soup, chili, stew, etc.

Get homemade and cozy. The best part about these foods is how easy they are to make. Just throw all of your ingredients in a pot or in a crock pot and let it go. They’re easy to serve, and easy to individualize. And you can just keep coming back and eating more all day.

13. Bake an autumn inspired treat

Crispy rice treats with fall sprinkles on top are easy to make and fun to eat. Bake a pie, some pumpkin bars, there’s so many delicious options!

Want to make some super cute autumn themed cut-out sugar cookies? Check out the link below for the best sugar cookie recipe I’ve ever tried (it’s so easy that I can’t mess it up!)

14. Try new flavors of classic candy

It seems like there’s a new flavor of candy corn every year. Try them out. Or find one you haven’t tried.

15. Host a potluck

There’s so many new, different foods you can try when everyone brings something. But make some kind of sign up sheet so that 2 people don’t bring the same thing (you want some variety after all) or so that no one forgets something important (like the turkey for a Thanksgiving potluck).

16. Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows for s’mores

What better way is there to kick back and relax than around a bonfire with friends and family? And what better treat to have during a bonfire is there than s’mores? 

17. Set up an alter for Día de los Muertos

Celebrate as you normally do or take a moment to teach your kids about a new custom. You can prepare dishes, tell stories about family members, look at pictures, and even go out and get some of those little sugar skulls.

18. Decorate the table for Thanksgiving

Whether it’s time for dinner or not, you can start to plan how you’ll decorate the table when the time comes. Maybe you want to jazz up the table from last year and buy a new tablecloth or placemats. Have fun with it. Get colorful and creative.

19. Have a hygge off

Hygge is a Danish word used to show extraordinary coziness and comfort. So go all out! Have your friends over for a Hygge Off: thick socks, cozy, pants, a baggie sweater, hot cocoa, snacks, and a roaring fire or movie night.

20. Pull out the plaid

Isn’t plaid just the visual epitome of fall? Besides knit patterns, a plaid button-up is a go-to for a fall outfit.

21. Carve pumpkins

Try throwing some of your favorite seasonings on the pumpkin seeds and popping them in the oven for added fall fun!

Pumpkin fall tabletop decor
Pumpkin fall tabletop decor

22. Make a leaf craft

Preserving leaves is super easy and fun to look at all of the leaves. You can do leaf rubbings where you lay a plain sheet of paper over a leaf on a table then take a crayon and start scribbling.

Make a leaf garland, splay them out on a sheet of paper then color and cut out a turkey body to make a cute leaf turkey, make shapes and figures then draw in the face and other details, or cut out a strip of construction paper then staple leaves to it to make a leaf crown. There’s so many fun things you can do with leaves!

23. Put up decorations

Put up lights, pumpkins, pictures, spider webs (real or fake, whatever floats your boat), have fun with it! This is the season to get spooky!

24. Create DIY fall decorations with the kids

Cut out shapes and tape them into the windows, a scary face picture on the bathroom mirror to scare Dad, be creative!

25. Rake leaves into a pile and… well, you know what to do.

Just make sure it’s your own pile and you’re messing up the neighbors yard.


Fall Inspiration: Wonderful kid-friendly ways to enjoy the season

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