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The Best Survey Sites for SAHM and WAHM

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Whether you need a little extra money or you’re a stay-at-home parent looking for a way to add a little income with or help with the bills, gig work can be an exceptionally helpful tool. Maybe you’re looking for a way to supplement some income while you’re out of work for whatever reason *cough* Covid-19 *cough*. (That joke was a bit TOO on point I think.) Or maybe you want a way to have enough additional income that you can donate to various organizations. Gig work can be a successful and effective method of increasing your income for whatever reason you have.

For the purposes of this list, I included mostly survey sites (though most of them offer plenty of additional ways to earn money like shopping online, using their search feature, completing tasks, and more) because these are tasks that can be at home, on the couch, with your kids nearby. Heck, I’ve done surveys on my phone while lounging in the bathtub having some “Mom Time”.

Surveys can be a great way to earn a little extra money each month because they’re so easy. Watch a video, answer some questions, or tell your opinion on product label designs, anyway you survey is your way. (Do you like the rhyme there?)

For each site, I’ll give an intro on how you can make money (points), where you can redeem your points (gift cards, Paypal, etc.), the payout minimum (like having at least $5 in your account in order to request a payment), and how much I have made off of the site (not to brag, just to show what potential there is).


With MyPoints, you can earn points from shopping online, surveys, voting in the daily poll, watching videos, uploading your receipts, and more. When you add the Chrome extension, it will pop up while you’re shopping online and show you how many points back you can get from shopping on that site. The site is very easy to use and has a large variety and amount of sites that you can shop on to get points.

Redeeming: When the points are earned, you can then turn around and spend those points on a large variety of gift cards or into a PayPal account. 

Payout minimum: $1 USD for Amazon and $10 USD for PayPal. The other gift cards vary.

My experience: I haven’t cashed anything out from this site myself yet because I’m saving up my points for a large gift card but I have found that earning points is easy and quick with great payouts from shopping online (I just don’t do this very much, getting to be more though). Their surveys have decent payouts, I just tend to open up my usual survey site for surveys before I get to this one. It’s not that it’s hard to get to a cashout on this site, I just haven’t yet because I haven’t given this site a hard enough try for how much I like it.

Fusion Cash

This site is great because there’s plenty of surveys with high payouts. You can sign up to get their Daily Cash Emails where they send you an email everyday and if you click on the link in the email and view the ad, you get $0.02 USD for each email. No that’s not much but if you regularly check your email and catch this one every day, it can add up pretty quickly when coupled with occasionally survey completion (when you have the time and weave your way to this site). You can also earn from watching videos, completing tasks, and referring friends (shameless pandering: check out my referral link because reasons!)

Redeeming: They will send your money to an active PayPal account, mailed by paper check, or by deposit into your bank account.

Payout minimum: $25 USD

My experience: I don’t qualify for many surveys on this site but when I do, the payouts are great. I’ve gotten a $25 USD cashout from this site and am working my way to a second. Payout took a while to arrive (over a month) but did eventually arrive.


Probably the most well known site on this list. I’ve been using Swagbucks off and on for about a decade, it wasn’t until the last few months that I started using it diligently. You earn “Swagbucks” when you complete surveys, do the daily poll, shop online on their associated sites through Swagbucks, do tasks, use deals on in-store products, watch their videos, use their search tool, and even play their games. You can also earn through referring others to Swagbucks (on a completely unrelated note, here’s my Swagbucks Referral Link. Idk what you get out of it besides thanks from me. )

Redeeming: Swagbucks can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards, PayPal, prepaid Visa cards, and so many various gift cards. Swagbucks has something for everyone. You can even quickly and easily donate to over a dozen charities.

Payout minimum: Amazon gift cards start at just $1 USD. PayPal starts at $5 USD. Everything else varies substantially.

My experience: Between PayPal and Amazon gift cards with my current account and my first account which I lost the password to, I’ve earned over $100 USD. Over a decade, that’s not much but I wouldn’t touch the site for years at a time… until Covid-19 quarantine brought me back for good.

Survey Junkie

They have a variety of surveys in payouts that range from $0.10 USD to over $5 USD (from what I’ve seen). They’re usually quick surveys. And the site is very easy to manage. Signing up can also get you a lot of small payouts when you’re filling out your information to start you off on a strong foot.

Redeeming: They’re payments are quick and easy, being deposited into your PayPal account instantly.

Payout minimum: $5 USD

My experience: This one’s tough for me right now. I’m having trouble with my account when writing this and have been for a few weeks now. Without airing too much, I used to log in throughout the day and would always have dozens of surveys waiting for me. The payouts were low but they were always quick and easy surveys. I haven’t had any surveys for a few weeks now and am working with customer service about it. They also had the highest rate of getting dropped from surveys (sometimes the site will credit 2-3 points or $0.02-0.03 USD for getting dropped but most of the time, you’re just out.) Even if it happened after completely the survey, which really irked me. But they’ve paid me a lot since I started staying home with my kids 6 months ago. I’ve gotten over $400 USD from them since I started my account. This site has paid bills (Full size bills, I’m talking car payments not minimum payment on a credit card) during the pandemic’s quarantine and I cannot tell you how wonderful that is to have as a saving grace.

Paid Viewpoint

This is one of my favorite sites. The layout is kind of old school but easy to navigate.

Redeeming: They deposit into your PayPal account. They also warn that it can take up to 72 hours to transfer but it’s never even taken 24 hours for me.

Payout minimum: $15 USD

My experience: There aren’t many surveys for me, I usually get surveys every other day but when I do, it’s multiple surveys so that’s nice. They payout very well once you get your Traitscore maxed out and the money is deposited into my PayPal very quickly. I’m closing in on $100 USD earned from this site alone.


You can get paid to complete surveys, participate in panels, participating in contests on Vindale social media pages, and through referrals (Guess what. Here’s my referral link. Bet you didn’t see that coming.)

Redeeming: They payout through PayPal and they only do it 2 days a month. So if you miss that day, you have to wait at least 2 weeks until the next request deadline.

Payout minimum: $50 USD

My experience: I’ve never had a payout from Vindale (because the payout minimum is so high) but when I do, it’ll be a great day. I get turned down for surveys on this site fairly often but they’re payouts are frequently over a dollar which pretty much makes up for it to me. 


With Qmee, you can earn money from doing surveys, completing offers, *drumroll* referring others! (You knew it was coming. Here’s my referral link. But get this. Qmee is different than the other sites. Qmee allows you to choose which referral code you want to use. You can keep the whole $1 USD referral, you can give it all to the person using your referral link, or you can split it 50/50. That’s the link I chose. So unlike the other referral links where I get $5 USD and you get a thank you from me, with Qmee, we both get something, even if it’s only $0.50 USD.

Redeeming: You can redeem your earning to PayPal, for gift cards, and it can be donated to charity.

Payout minimum: Donating or redeeming gift cards is a minimum of $5 USD. But PayPal cashouts are ANYTHING! Yes, anything! I’ve cashed out $0.06 USD once even just to say that I did it. Say it with me folks, “NO PAYPAL PAYOUT MINIMUMS!”

My experience: This is my favorite site. I’m on here every day multiple times a day. I’ve got the app on my phone to do their surveys ALL. THE. TIME. It’s so easy to navigate and is the best for giving you a little bit of money even if you get booted from a survey (when you’re a ways into the survey, not just from the start of course).

Update (6/13/2021): I have officially tipped $1000 USD from this site since I started. What could you do with $1000 in your pocket?

Inbox Dollars

Inbox dollars has so many different ways to earn money. There’s surveys of course, but there’s also games, videos, offers, online shopping, clipping digital coupons, using their search function, playing games, and (you guessed it) referring others to the site (as is custom apparently, here’s my referral link. It’s just another Thanks From Me kind of referral). They’re like Fusion Cash though in that they also send emails that when clicked through will credit your account $0.02 USD.

Redeeming: Cashouts are made through PayPal on scheduled payout days. So don’t expect your payout in your account in time for a specific bills to be paid.

Payout minimum: $30 USD and boy does it take a while to get there.

My experience: I’ve only gotten one $30 USD cashout from this site but the possibilities are staggering with all of the ways to make money through this site at least.

Whatever your reason is for starting up the use of survey sites and gig work in general, they can make a decent addition to an income and in the case of some sites, it can be fun.

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survey sites gig work pin
gig work pin
gig work pin
gig work pin

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