Pregnancy Tips

9 Important Things to Know About Having an Emergency C-Section

9 things about having an emergency c-section

Having an emergency C-section isn’t really something you can plan for. Because of this, this post isn’t really going to be like others. As much hope as you have in yourself to get through a vaginal birth or as easy of a pregnancy as you could have, you can’t keep something from going wrong. Trust me, I’ve had 3 emergency C-sections.

Parenting Tips

Instill a Love of Books in Your Kids Early

instill a love of books

Do you want to set your child up for a lifetime of successful education? Then you need to start them off early. Sitting with your baby, looking through a book, letting baby look at the colors and shapes, and reading to them develops a love of books because your child will start associating the lovely bonding they have with their caregiver to be with books as well.