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Boss Baby: Back in Business (The Netflix series): A Direct Review

boss baby show review


SPOILERS! If you’re interested in watching this kids show for it’s content like me, don’t read on. I even tried to write around the spoilers and still gave a lot of the storyline away.


I have not been paid in any way by DreamWorks, Netflix, or their affiliates for my presentation of Boss Baby: Back in Business. My review of the show is not swayed at all by money, just by how I feel for the show.

I do not own any part of this show or it’s parent companies.

Boss Baby Back in Business review

Boss Baby: Back in Business

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this show. After watching all 3 seasons of the Netflix series probably 2 dozen times, you’d think I’d be thoroughly over it. But every time we re-watch it, I notice even more hilarious, veiled-adult humor that I had missed the previous umpteen times and my 3-year-old is still happy to re-watch it! This show has so many layers. My 3-year-old loves it, I love it (not just as a kid’s show either), and it grabs my baby’s attention (but I think that’s because of the bright colors and happy voices).

This show is so complex and complete with it’s storylines. They’re completely thought through and bring everything to a close so well. There’s character arcs and emotions. This show isn’t possible in the real world and yet everything is still emotionally understandable. You can put yourself into a story and understand how the characters feel even though it’s a show about talking office worker babies.


Let’s talk about the complexity of the story line first. They throw in funny comments like they’re just going to be a little joke but then it pops back up in the show later on. At one point in Season 2, Tim says that he can ask, “Who farted?” in seven languages and it feels like a silly comment from a kid but then he uses it in a later episode. It’s this kind of complexity that I don’t expect from a kids show but am so glad to have.

There isn’t just in-depth story telling that you find while watching the show. They present it for you in the most ingrained and comfortable way. An entire episode in Season 3 recapping Mega Fat’s storyline up until the current point in the season, even down to his note to Boss Baby in the library, chasing Boss Baby and Simmons around the neighborhood, and attacking the boys while they’re in the car with their parents going to buy church slacks. Making sure that every part of the story works out front and back is not only needed in a storyline as complex as this, it’s adored by this kids-show-watching Mom!

Character Arc

Mega Fat’s character arc throughout the series is just perfect. I’m not the biggest fan of Flula Borg but this didn’t effect my feelings for Mega Fat (after Season 1…). The transformation from the Mega Fat we meet in Season 1 Episode 1 to the final episode of Season 3 is… I don’t want to give away spoilers but it left me shook. A cartoon, left me shook. A cartoon with Flula Borg. Left. Me. Shook.

And then Staci’s arc with Brayden. She’s such a fun character, she’s my favorite. That girl is my spirit animal (dated phrase but it works). She’s so hardcore and unexpected. And to see her go through the series with Brayden, rounded out Staci’s character so well. When Boss Baby is leading his misfit field team, they use a hierarchy to represent who’s in charge of the field team. And what do we see in this hierarchy? Our lovely boy Brayden’s picture clearly showing him pushing the camera person down when the picture was taken! That’s the kind of in-depth story telling I want! I love those little details in an adults show and especially in a kid’s show. The writers are clearly trying to give to the adults watching with their kids as well as the kids themselves.

Boss Baby Back in Business review

Danny Petrosky. What can I say? Am I worried about him? Absolutely. The boy has a punching rake, that he actually refers to as his punching rake! Not to mention his concerning hatred of squirrels (or as he calls them “acorn steelers”). Oops, I mentioned it.


Sure there’s child appropriate humor, of course there is, it’s a kids show. But that’s not all of it. There’s jokes that go over kids heads intended for the adults watching with their kids. It’s genuine witty, adult humor without being inappropriate. Like early in Season 2 when GiGi leaves the house and a note for Tim saying to leave the baby in his crib while she’s gone. Staci just non-chalantly says, “She’s a bad grandma”. Enough to make adults laugh but not telling an inappropriate joke to kids.

Or when Danny Petrosky and Tim were on the runaway Thunder Dumpling and the conversation went like this:

Tim: We’re about to go down the biggest hill in town.

Danny: Hill Street?!

Tim: Which leads to the busiest street in town.

Danny: Busy street?!

Tim: What? No. Main Street.

That’s not necessarily one for the adults in the room but definitely above the younger viewers.

When the Templeton family went shopping for new church slacks for Tim and the salesman said, “Got to look fly for the sky guy.” I wish I was in more situations where I could use that.

A definite adult joke though is much of the thing the triplets do like their almost Shining-kids-in-the-hallway style of creepy in the library to one of the Consortium of the Ancients members.

And again in the library when Officer Doug throws his own MeeMaw out for being loud and she mutters that he’s “out of the will”. A classic, easy joke to throw in that no 7 will get. At least not the 7-year-olds I know.

But my favorite joke of the series that I’m sure was missed by the kids watching again involves Officer Doug. He’s voiced by Flula Borg was well, fun fact. When Tim was trying to get out of going to buy new church slacks (this kid really didn’t want to go clothes shopping) so he started throwing his underwear out the window. Can’t go pants shopping without underwear on! But which poor fellow is outside his window (but seriously, what’s he doing outside this kids bedroom window?). There’s Officer Doug getting pelted with flying underwear. “10-13! 10-13! It’s raining underwear! The witch’s curse came true!” Which poor dispatcher is hearing this radio call and what are they thinking?

What else?

I want to know more about the Love Chart. Do the other groups on it know about the love sharing? Tim didn’t seem to when he was in The.Super Cool Big Kids Inc. until Boss Baby brought it up. And Danny sure didn’t know about it (but that might just be from Danny being Danny.)

There’s one little thing that annoys me about the series though but I’m sure there’s a purpose to it that I just missed, like I said, it’s a wonderfully complex storyline. Every time Boss Baby is in his car seat, the chest clip is never done. Call it OCD, call it hyper-vigilant parenting. I don’t care. It drives me nuts.

I worry about the safety of Baby Corp as well far more than I should as a grown adult watching a kids show. Who else can get into Baby Corp? Bootsie Calico got in at the end of Season 1 and that was a mess. Turtleneck Superstar CEO got in in Season 2 and that was a whole seasons worth of difficulties there.

What if it’s all just Tim’s imagination? It’s clearly stated at the start of the first movie that he has a very active imagination. It can’t even be ignored based on things happening when Tim isn’t around because he could be imaging that too! I mean, the boy has a crazy crative imagination, it’s not like he couldn’t come up with ideas outside of his immediate surroundings.

Although as a final note, I’ll happily be using Mrs. Fardy’s phrase, “Well this day’s a real turd bouquet.”

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