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Top Tips for Baking or Buying a Baby Shower Cake

baby shower cake
baby shower cupcakes
baby shower cupcakes

When celebrating big moments, we eat cake! Birthdays? Cake! Anniversaries? Cake! Mother’s Day? Cake! Or is that just me. But when celebrating something, it’s common to have a cake. So when it comes to a baby shower, what kind of cake should you have? Cupcakes or a sheet cake? Store bought or homemade? Nice design or one that fits the theme? There’s so many options and so many ways to go that it can be a little overwhelming. That’s ok. Let’s start breaking down the options for a baby shower cake to see what needs you have for your cake and which route you should go with.


This is an important aspect when deciding on a cake because it will affect how you serve the cake and your budget as well. Whether you go with a solid-form cake or cupcakes will mean the difference between needing cake plates and silverware or cupcake liners and therefore can change how much you spend on a homemade cake. There’s also the aspect of a homemade cake in a shaped pan as well. Buying a cake from a store or bakery may mean a change in price depending on the size and shape as well. Things to keep in mind!


Speaking of buying, this can affect your baby shower cake aside from the price. Having a professional make your cake if you’re not gifted enough in the kitchen can open you up to a lot more detail that you want, going with a professional cake maker may be the option for you.


Next is what you want the cake to look like. Will the cake go along with the theme of the party (if there’s a specific one?) Or will the cake just look nice? Will the cake match the gender(s) of the baby(ies), be gender-neutral, or not be incorporated at all?

baby shower cake


The outside of the cake is very important but don’t forget about the inside of the cake. There’s multiple aspects of the cake ingredients that you can consider when planning a baby shower cake.

These aspects include:

  • Filling
  • Color
  • Allergies
  • Dietary preferences


You can include a filling in your cake or cupcakes or you can omit it. If including one, you could use things like chocolate, fruits, jellies/jams, and so much more. This is a part of the cake that can have a huge impact on the flavor.


Will the inside of the cake be colored? Is this baby shower cake doubling as a gender reveal, is the color part of the party theme, or do you just want to add some color for fun? Coloring the inside of the cake (if possible due to the cake flavor) can be a fun add-on for a themed cake and party.


Allergies can be a significant factor when deciding on cake details for a baby shower. Do a large chunk of attendees (or a specific member like the mom-to-be) have an egg allergy for instance? If you find yourself in this sort of situation but want everyone to feel included, you could make one allergy-free cake for all attendees or one allergy-free cake with an allergy-included cake for the rest of the attendees. Keep in mind, if going with the multiple cakes approach, make sure the decorations or colors of the two cakes are very different. This way you can make it easy on yourself and others when telling allergic attendees which cake is safe for them (i.e. “the pink cake is dairy free” or “the cake with the baby carriage was made without eggs”).

Dietary Preferences

Similarly, if there are going to be a considerable amount of attendees with dietary preferences or the mom/parents-to-be are vehemently vegan, you could make one large vegan cake or one vegan cake with one non-vegan cake. Maybe the parents-to-be have a lot of vegan friends invited and attending the baby shower, well they can still take part in the fun of a baby shower cake.

Whether you’re hosting your own or planning one for a loved one, a baby shower is a great time to bring out all the stops with a fun and celebratory cake. Making sure to cover all of your bases with a baby shower cake can be a rather daunting challenge however so making sure to take all things into consideration is very important to having a great time and helping to include everyone in the tasty fun!

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baby shower cake

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